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Located in Donji Kraljevec, the Dr Rudolf Steiner Centre is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Međimurje. Visit the Centre, learn about the life of
Dr Steiner and visit his birthplace, situated not far from the Centre.


Biodynamics is a form of agriculture that transcends crop cultivation without pesticides. It is related to inner growth, and is in the service of the Earth and mankind.



In the age when architecture is dominated mostly by economics, technical possibilities and regulations, organic architecture cherishes a comprehensive approach, which also includes environmental aspects, cultural purpose and spirituality.


Anthroposophy is a research discipline as well as a method of knowledge, service, personal development and social engagement.


Eurythmy is an art of expression through movement. Eurythmic gestures and movements attempt to express sounds and speech through body movements.


Understanding of the inner life of the child and monitoring the child’s development stages are the basis of Waldorf education. Waldorf schools integrate art in all academic disciplines


The birthplace and Dr Rudolf Steiner Centre

Rudolf Steiner himself said the following about his birthplace: 
„…I was born in the Slavic region, where the entire milieu and personality of my ancestors are considered foreign.
Apart from the Germanic and Slavic elements, there is a third one in this area, also known as Celtic…





Waldorf institutions


hectares of biodynamic farms


countries in which anthroposophical medicine is present

The life and work

dr. Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner, a man already recognised during his lifetime as one of the greatest spirits in modern history, was born in Donji Kraljevec on 27 February 1861 – which was on the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time. Between 1893 and 1925, his name was ubiquitous in many areas of human activity, therefore it is not an exaggeration to say that he left one of the deepest marks in the entire history of mankind. However, if that mark were to be useful to everyone after him, it is necessary that later generations want to and be able to follow it.

Who was Dr Rudolf Steiner

A person who used his work to help change the world – for the better!

Curriculum vitae

As a child from an Austrian family, who often changed its place of residence due to the nature of Steiner’s father, who was employed with the South Austrian Railways, Rudolf Steiner spent only a year and a half in Donji Kraljevec. He himself stated multiple times that his birthplace is symbolic for him as a connection between the East and the West.

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